Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business.

Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!


The Juice Shack soars high, just as they do at their Plano location. I arrived on a late Friday morning to an empty store, but all the juices in the case looked freshly-pressed and ready to drink. The guy who assisted me had been in the back, as there were no customers inside. And although he didn’t offer much help by way of suggestions or comments, it was a quick transaction and I was outta there within 5 minutes. The only downside was that I had to ask for the recycled bottle discount as I paid. The juice is really good here, so I’ll definitely be back!— Jessica G.


This place is great.  Tastes good, affordable, convenient (can quickly make you what you need on the spot — although it’s usually readily available).   The different flavors they create are tasty and helps to make a three-day (or more) cleanse very easy to accomplish. – Eric V.


Love that there is a Juice Shack near me. I have tried a few other juices from other establishments, but I love what I get at The Juice Shack. The staff is welcoming and knowledgable about what I need each time I go in. I recently finished my first 5 day cleanse (I usually stick to a 3 day) and feel great. It was the total reset that my body needed.
Thank you!! – Melissa P


Freshest juice in town!  Great atmosphere, extraordinarily helpful and educated staff.  Love this place.  – Neil C


I was in Plano today and needed some good juice so bad – thank goodness Yelp led me to this place by toll way. I got kaleman creation and apparently it is the most popular juice they offer. They offer free samples for all juices so you can make sure if you’d like the flavor before you actually spend your money for $7-9/each. I’d love to try other flavors when I’m up in the area again! – S.C.


Love, love, love the Kaleman Creation!!!! It’s so incredibly good that it’s hard to believe it’s healthy!!! It’s by far my all time favorite juice!!! – Mary A


Fresh, Delicious Cold Pressed Juice! – Melissa M


It’s hard to find juicing stores where you can take products each and everyday for a 7 day cleanse. My juicer broke and while I’m waiting for a juicing plate they saved he day! Their juices can be a little bit “citrusy” but, overall they are great! Wish they had some raw snacks to buy too! – Heather B


Just finished a three day cleanse. What a great healthy way to refresh your system,and to loose a few pounds in the process. Our expectations were exceeded 10 fold. Healthy, fresh and tasty. The next time we are in for a cleanse we will return. – Lee M


Love the juices and staff! Very fresh tasting, I find myself craving their Muscle Recovery ALL THE TIME! So yum! Cold pressed and totally reusable bottles! Wish we could bring them in for “refills”. 🙂 – Monica T


Being someone who juices daily, this is a fabulous alternative when I’m out and about!! You can tell the ingredients are extremely fresh and the staff is very helpful and nice. Love The Juice Shack!! Please open a store in McKinney!! – Lisa L